Friday, September 3, 2010

Flowers for Miss Bobbie

My mom has always been the spiritual/religious force in my life.  Every Sunday morning my sister and I would wake up to the sounds of Brother Leroy Bryant's Gospel Show.  Mom would cook a hearty breakfast before sending us off to Sunday school.  Sometimes my sister and I were the only two present but mom made sure we were always there.  Our relationship with God is stronger because mom made sure we had that foundation.  She taught us that in life's journeys the roads aren't always easy but if you take God on the journey with you, He will bring you through it, a better person.  Case in point when my parents separated and later divorced.  The betrayal mom experience was very hurtful.  Instead of finding ways of getting even, she took our hands and we knelt down in prayer.  She used to tell us, "God isn't sleep, you reap what you sow, what may have you laughing now will have you crying later."  Years later as adults we see and understand just what she meant.

I have seen times when mom did so much with so little and I know it had to have been with God's help that her bills were never late.  Single-handily, she was able to pay mortgage, cheerleading camp, band camp, dental visits, new car tires and batteries, prom dresses, class rings, and still have a nice Sunday meal waiting when we got out of church.  For this my mom deserves her roses, her lillies, her orchids, and birds of paradise.  I listen to Marvin's sap song, "Never would have made it," with a new sense of gratitude.  Thank God mom taught me a foundation that through God all things are possible.  Now I'm able to pass it on to my children.