Friday, January 29, 2010

The Importance Of...

You would think as a writer I should be pouring out daily inspirations or confessions of the latest goings-on in my life. While maintaining a career, a healthy marriage and mothering an active 20 month-old, writing, for the most part, gets put on the back burner. Some people can manage to do all, equally well, and I applaud them. I'm just not one of them. Right now I'm sacrificing the writing to concentrate on what's really important, my family. I lavish my husband and daughter with my full attention. As a mother and wife I make it a daily habit of making my home a pleasant one. You won't find beds unmade, clothes stacked to the ceiling, and rings around the toilets. I make it my business to have dinner cooked and everything in order.
Now, I don't leave myself out of the equation. My idea of relaxation is a getaway to the spa or a trip somewhere with the hubby or other family members. Somedays I just like to curl up on the sofa with soft music in the background and get into a really good book.
Maybe one day, I'll get the inspiration to churn something out worth reading. Since the publications of my last novels, "Mile High Confessions, " and "Happily Never After," I feel my writing has since moved in another direction. A lot of it has to do with my changing interests. Some of it may be contributed to my level of maturity. What I thought seemed relevant once, has no significance in my life now. My level of spirituality has grown tremendously. There's more to life than the superficial characters I have often written about in my books. I guess it's okay, if you tend to like that but I feel like taking my characters and my readers in a new direction now. Stay tuned.


  1. With personal growrh comes the growth of your characters as well.