Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When You Know You've Found the One

Today is our wedding anniversary and I am proud to say that in the four years my husband and I have been together, we managed to never tire of each other. Each day is just as exciting as it was during our courtship. My husband still opens doors for me, he still pulls out my chair. Everyday before leaving work, he calls to make sure me and the kids are okay. He's the type of father that will get up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning and make a run to the supermarket to pick up a box of pampers. He's spontaneous, he's nurturing (I can't say that about all men), and he doesn't leave the house without giving us a kiss. I love that he's a good listener, a provider and what's more important, he's a mighty man of God. Before I met him, I had given up on marriage. After my divorce from husband number one, I told myself I was going to live my life being happily single. Little did I know, God had better plans for me. I met my husband on his job and little did we know we attended the same church. We would casually chat in passing until one day he decided to give me his number. I finally called him two days later and since that day we've never gone a day without talking to each other. Some people are blessed to go through life with a God-given helpmate. I consider myself to be blessed to have a mate who I enjoy coming home to, he's not perfect but we are perfect for each other. When do you know you've found the one? When the two of you compromise without hesitation and when you constantly think of that person the same way you did when you initially met. I knew my husband was the one...during both pregnancies I'd awake in the middle of the night and hear him whispering a prayer to God that his children are born healthy and happy. He is the one, the only one tailor-made for me.

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  1. That is so good to know that kind of love is out there ;0t