Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wondering...What Was the Last Good Movie I Saw

BET aired one of my favorite movies, "The Color Purple."  I remember seeing it twice with my mom, two of my aunts, and a cousin.  I remember being captivated and moved from beginning to end.  As a matter of fact, I watched the movie so much over the years that I memorized EVERY line, did you hear me?  EVERY line.  My favorite scene occurred at the dinner table, where Celie gives Mr. and his father a piece of her mind.  You may know some of the lines, "It's time to get away from you and into creation and your dead body will be just the welcome mat I need."
Another good movie I saw that left an impression on me was "Forrest Gump."  Tom Hanks played a convincing role and the movie was somewhat like a history lesson put together over an unforgettable soundtrack.
Lately I can't recall the last good movie I saw, I'm talking about a movie that's so good that you leave the theater thinking about it.  Even while riding in the car with the music playing, you think about it....Hmmmm....I'm drawing a blank.  I think the last movie my husband and I saw together was Tyler Perry's, "Remember the Browns," although not necessarily a good movie, it was something to do to past away the time.  Hmmmm....I'm still trying to think of a good movie, maybe it was "Dreamgirls," yeah....I liked the scene when Effie is replaced by a new singer, I have it memorized.
"Curtis was supposed to love me....I turned my back and find myself right on the line...you could've warned me but that would've been too kind..."
The segue from that scene to Effie's, "And I am telling you..." sometimes makes the hairs on my arms stand up.  Jennifer Hudson's interpretation was just as good as Jennifer Holiday's and when she finished, the audience cheered.
Last week on a trip, a co-worker and I wanted to check out Beyonce's latest flick, "Obsessed," again, just to pass away the time.  Needlessly to say, because of delays out of New York, we ended up spending that day on the beach in Cancun instead. Ha!

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