Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This One's For My Girl

It's difficult to watch a loved one deal with health issues.  But my mom is taking everything in stride.  Her doctor advised her to take two more chemotherapy treatments.  Chemotherapy is no walk in the park.  First of all before you begin the treatments a port gets inserted in your chest.  A port is a thin, soft, plastic tube that allows healthcare professionals to draw blood and deliver chemotherapy drugs into your vein without having to insert an IV needle each time. 
I was with her when she received her first dosage. The entire time she was there I sat thinking, here is a woman who eats healthy, she power walks and she's never been sick an entire day in her life. What's wrong with this picture? We sat and pondered it out and came to the conclusion that it had to have been the hormone pills she took over the years.  Suffice it to say she immediately stopped.  She suffers from side effects like terrible hot flashes but according to her, "she'll be damned" before she takes another pill.
I love her so much and this set back in her health is only a setup for a major comeback.  I always tell her that she is a testimony.  It is a proven fact that with faith and the proper diet you can overcome any health obstacle.  Later in the month, our church and members of the community are giving her "flowers," we are celebrating her life with music and awesome words of encouragement.  I do believe that we should give people their flowers so they can actually see how beautiful and how sweet they are to us.
So this one's for my girl, the rose in my life, the true north on the compass of my soul, the hand I fan with, my solid rock.

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