Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Love letter to Layla and Miles

Since the day you two came into my life, my days have been filled with nothing but love.  I am overjoyed and my heart sings when I wake up in the morning and see the two of you sleeping, peacefully.  Your cherub little faces are all nestled on top of your pillows and if I could freeze that moment in time, I would.  I would forever hold your innocence and sweet cheeks in the palm of my hands.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction in knowing you two are happy, healthy, safe, and content.

Your father deserves a father of the year award for taking care of you with the same nurturing, love, and attentiveness that a mother normally gives.  You're never without hugs, kisses, and a little discipline here and there.  You two are my mighty little warriors for God.  As your mother, I promise to teach you the gems to living a long prosperous life.  Gem #1: Always know that although you have earthly parents who would lay down their lives for you, you have a friend in Jesus who loves you and who's paid the ultimate sacrifice. Gem #2: Respect yourselves, always know your self worth. Gem #3: When you respect yourselves, you automatically respect others if they are deserving. Gem #4: Exercise and maintain a healthy diet. You are what you eat, if your diet is horrible, then your health is compromised, and when your health is compromised, you're not in a good state of well being.  Gem#5: Be a blessing to someone you don't know either through your time or through your giving. Lastly Gem#6: Have a burning desire to go through life only getting the best out of it.

I understand you will have trying times, but be equipped to handle them.  And if you need someone to talk to, mommy and daddy will be there to listen for as long as you two need us.  And even if Mommy and Daddy are no longer around just know the love of God is greater than the both of us.

So Layla, my sweet little angel, your strong will has the ability to put mom through a rigorous test at times, but I am so blessed that God allowed you and Miles to use my body to bring forth your precious little lives into this world.

Miles, my merciful warrior, my mighty-man-of-God you and your sister have made life for me more meaningful.  When I get rejection after rejection, when my calls get ignored, my emails don't get returned, when I'm sharing and doors get slammed in my face.  I think of you two asleep, peacefully in the bed and I wipe my tears, say a prayer of victory and get myself going.  I'll take a beating so you guys won't have to.  I'll get laughed at and talked about so you guys won't have to.  Layla and Miles, I want to do whatever it takes to make you proud of me.

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