Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking the "Me" Out of the Equation

Now I realized why and how I failed at things in the past.  I failed at my first marriage because I wanted all of "my" needs met and didn't care about the needs of my spouse.  I failed to make a substantial living off my writing career because "I" was too scared to approach people and share my God-given talents with them.  I failed to take off in a cosmetics company because I was too busy worrying about rejection and I didn't take the time to learn the fundamentals of the business.  All my failures happened as a result of "me" worrying about "me."  I was more worried about my "ego" than I did having money in the bank.  Sometimes the enemy is within-a-me.  

Until you take yourself out of the equation you will forever find yourself "stopping at the start," and opportunities will pass you by quicker than you can blink.  Since I have embarked on my new business venture, everyday is an opportunity for me to focus on the needs of others.  When I look at my husband and my two kids I am reminded why I need to get out of my comfort zone and work the business.   Time is a precious thing and once it's past there's no way of turning it back. 

So in September 2010 I became CEO of my own healthy beverage company, laugh if you must, scratch your head if you will...My company allows me to tune into the needs of others on a daily basis.  I've discovered the formula for success and it's way beyond me. It's picking up the phone and reconnecting with a friend I haven't talked to in a long time.  It's meeting a stranger and asking them something as simple as, "how are you?" because it may be the only time someone genuinely asks of their well being.  I've talked to people who are dealing with lupus, I've talked to a person who suffered a heart attack, I've shared the healthy benefits of my product with them and they have been very receptive.

And so from this day forward, I will make it a habit to share my business with the world.  I can no longer be a secret agent, I can longer worry about how I am going to be perceived because I know people will talk whether I'm doing good or bad.  When I'm writing and sharing my stories with the world, I can't keep telling myself that I'm not good enough when I know God has given me this talent. So what if I'm scatter brained and I tend to lose my train of thought or sometime I stutter when I get overly excited I don't care anymore.  Those are small things I can correct.  Life is so much bigger than me. I know this now!

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