Sunday, November 7, 2010

Team K.I.M.

Since I started Galliencafe, I realize the majority of my success will come from people I don't know.  When I first started the business back in September I called my list of friends, 56 to be exact, and asked their support for my business by buying my products.  Only five of them made good on their promise.  I thank God I now have the power to K.I.M. keep it moving.  When I hear excuses and they come as natural as breathing, I just say, "no problem, thank you very much" and keep it moving.  I am in a position to collect "no's" and that's just fine. It's a beautiful thing to get the door slammed in your face when you try to give out free samples.  I love to call cell phones and listen to them ring for minutes at a time then hang up only to have that person call back.  When they realize it's me, they either hang up or find a reason to get off the phone.  I don't take it personally, I just keep it moving.  My business team has adopted that same method, to keep it moving...whether it be product, rejected phone calls, excuses, or people.  An ancient Chinese proverb says, "Be not afraid of going slowly, but be afraid only of standing still."  When we stand still the momentum drops, but when we keep it moving, everybody wins.

I've (third from left) only been in the business since September 2010 and this is my team.  Not present are two team members from the Houston area, three from Huntsville, Texas, one member in Kansas and one member in New York.

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  1. It’s great how three simple words can have so much impact on a business and the team that runs it. “Keep it moving” is definitely a good slogan to remember. In order for your business to evolve and be successful, it can’t stop moving. I know the slogan creates an acronym, but if you added the word “FORWARD” to it somehow, I think it would be even better. You don’t want to stay stagnant, but you don’t want to slip backward either. FORWARD is always the goal for any business team. Forward, onward and upward!