Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leave those gummy bears alone

This morning I woke up from a terrible dream.  I dreamed the planet had between taken over by gremlin-like creatures and everywhere I looked they were multiplying.  There were so many they were literally bursting all over the place.  After getting a drink of water, I realized I had to make a decision...No more eating gummy bears before falling asleep.  I heard someone mention that if you eat something sweet or something terrible like a pork sausage link sandwich before you go to bed that you will have crazy dreams.  Have you heard this?  There must be some truth to it because once before I went to sleep after emptying a small bag of pork skins...I had an awful dream.  Is God trying to tell me something?  Yes He is.  He's telling me to stop eating all that nonsense. PERIOD.  Your body is a temple.  Leave those gummy bears alone.  And what did I tell you about pork.  Come on now....

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