Monday, April 6, 2009

Lazy, Careless, Free-Spirit, With an Eccentric Eye for Style

Remember the CW sitcom, "Girlfriends," a show about the lives of four AA women living in L.A.? Well I came across a quiz that asked, "which girlfriend are you?" For those of you not familiar with the show you have four girlfriends, Joan: lawyer, practical, refined sense of style, the voice of reason, the one whom all the others run to for advice.  Toni: real estate broker, narcissistic, refined sense of style, selfish, witty, and ambitious. Then there's Maya: outspoken, crass at times, style varies from Gap to the New York company, plus funny.  Finally there's Lynn: has 10 degrees but doesn't use them, lazy, free-spirit, careless at times, with an eccentric eye for style.  I took the test, guess which one I turned out to be? Lynn.  I was like wow, I didn't see it coming.  

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