Friday, April 10, 2009

I Believe a breakthrough is around the corner

We are going through a rough spot just like every one else.  My mother is undergoing chemo. Her bills are piling up. Her 14 year-old car has seen better days.  Her mobile home is slowing deteriorating.  She's just been denied disability.  Her once beautiful mane of hair is gone.  I've just about emptied my savings account paying my tithes, buying gas, buying food, paying the   mortgage, buying clothing for my baby...The list goes on and on.   Today is Good Friday and even with all the madness going on around me I have faith God will prevail and I feel a breakthrough.  I'm standing on God's words and believing HIM to deliver my family through this rough spot.
This morning when I dropped my mom off, I could tell she had been crying.  This afternoon after 8 hours of chemo she told me that if it weren't for me and my sister and our daughters that she would give up.  My mom has done so much for a lot of people...whether it's cooking for the church, opening her home up to friends, or listening to them vent to her on the phone.  I feel she deserves the best that God has to offer.  I believe she'll be like the woman in the bible with the pots of oil...Every thing will be running over.

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  1. As Sarah Palin would say, "You betcha!" Healing is in the process. I won't believe it any other way.